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Georgia Separation

In order to file for a divorce in Georgia, you must be separated from your spouse.  Separation in this sense has a legal definition and may not necessarily require you to live physically apart from your spouse.  Of course, when a marriage falls apart, most couples prefer to live independently.  However, sometimes finances or other issues can make this difficult to achieve right away.  If you’re concerned about proving the legal definition of separation for your divorce, The Zdrilich Law Group can help. 

Proving Separation from Your Spouse

In Georgia, you must be separated from your spouse in order to qualify for a divorce.  That’s because you must establish that there is no hope for reconciliation.  Public policy places a high value on the institution of marriage.  If there’s any hope that you and your spouse can reconcile, the judge will likely continue your case to allow time for you and your spouse to save your marriage.  On the other hand, if your marriage is irretrievably broken for whatever reason, you are entitled to a “no fault” divorce because Georgia does not impose a mandatory waiting period for reconciliation like other states. 

Taking the Next Step After You’ve Separated from Your Spouse

Once you’ve separated from your spouse and determined that there is no hope for reconciliation, you need to give some serious thought to the logistical implications of divorce.  You and your spouse need to consider the division of your assets and debts and determine an equitable division of everything that has been acquired during your marriage.  Additionally, if you have children, you need to determine their custody and establish visitation arrangements for the non-custodial spouse.  You also need to complete a calculation of child support.  In the event that you are able to reach an agreement that satisfies the legal requirements under Georgia law, you will be able to pursue an uncontested divorce, which is typically easier and less expensive to obtain than if you are unable to reach an agreement. 

Hiring an Attorney

Divorce presents a long list of emotional, financial and legal complications.  Minimize your legal  challenges by contacting The Zdrilich Law Group.  Our team of experts is able to protect your interests and empathize with your emotional concerns.  Contact The Zdrilich Law Group today for a consultation or fill out our online form now for an analysis of your case.