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Georgia Name and Birth Certificate Modifications

As simple as it might sound, a name change can actually entail a complex legal process.  This is especially the case if you are seeking to change the name of a child, and one parent disagrees.  A name change for an adult does not require parental approval, but the legal requirements can still be tedious and time-consuming.  You will also be required to appear before a superior court judge at a short hearing before you name change can be made final.  The Zdrilich Law Group can help facilitate the legal process involved with a name change. 

Name Change for a Child

Parents sometimes decide to change the name of their child for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes the change is due to an error on the birth certificate.  Other times, the change is due to a divorce or remarriage.  And still other times—but not frequently—parents change their minds about the name they originally selected for their child.  A minor child who is under the age of eighteen is too young to consent to a name change.  Therefore, both parents who are listed on the birth certificate are required to give their consent to the name change.  However, in certain instances, both parents are not required to give consent.  This is the case if one parent is deceased or has abandoned the child. 

Name Change for an Adult

An adult may file a petition for a name change for any reason other than fraud.  Once the petition is filed, it will be published in the newspaper for four weeks.  So long as no one files an objection, a superior court judge will sign an order finalizing your name change after conducting a short hearing.

Hiring an Attorney

A name change might sound like a simple task, but the legal process involved to make the name change official can be arduous and confusing.  If it’s important enough for you to change your name, it’s likely that you want to be sure that it’s done correctly and with as little hassle as possible.  The Zdrilich Law Group can simplify the legal process involved with a name change for you.  Contact us today for a consultation or fill out our online form now for an analysis of your case.