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Georgia Modification of Child Support

A change in one spouse’s needs or financial circumstances may warrant a modification of child support.  For example, you or your ex-spouse might have an unexpected change in employment or financial circumstances that necessitates either an increase or decrease in child support.  Additionally, the needs and associated costs of your child may also form the basis for a change in the amount of child support.  Whatever the reason might be, The Zdrillich Law Group can assist with the filing of a modification action or provide a defense against such a suit. 

Grounds for Modifying a Child Support Order

There are a variety of reasons that might warrant a modification of your child support order.  Either the parent making the child support payments or the parent receiving the child support payments may file for a modification.  The modification might be based upon a change in income due to a salary reduction or change in employment.  Additionally, you might lose your job and need to request a reduction in your child support payments.  Conversely, the parent receiving the child support payments may discover that the parent making the child support payments has had an increase in salary due to a job promotion or new employment.  Higher income can also be the basis for a modification action.

Procedure for Modifying a Child Support Order

Contrary to popular opinion, a side agreement made between ex-spouses to alter a child support agreement is not legally binding.  The only way to legally alter a child support award is to file a child support modification action and have the court enter a new order.  Unless the parties are able to reach an agreement, the judge will hear evidence from both sides and determine if there’s been a sufficient change in circumstances to warrant a modification of the original child support award.  The judge also has the authority to award attorney’s fees if either side has been stubbornly litigious or unreasonably difficult.

Hiring an Attorney

An action to modify child support is a serious legal matter that can significantly impact the financial wellbeing of your children.  We can help ensure the protection of your legal rights.  Contact The Zdrilich Law Group today for a consultation.