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Georgia High Asset Divorce

The implications of divorce can be especially serious and far-reaching for individuals with sizeable assets.  If you’re a successful business owner, a medical or legal practitioner, an heir to a large estate or a spouse to a wealthy individual, you have complicated legal interests that require specialized protection.  The Zdrilich Law Group has the experience necessary to protect the unique legal interests that are implicated in a high-asset divorce.  Our team of legal and financial experts is committed to devising an individualized asset protection plan that will preserve your fair share of the property. 

Devising an Individualized Asset Protection Plan

If you’ve accumulated substantial assets during your marriage or if you entered into your marriage with a large estate, the financial implications of a divorce can be especially concerning and complex.  At The Zdrilich Law Group, we can devise an individualized asset protection plan to shield your fair share of the assets from the property division process that accompanies a divorce.  First and foremost, we will work to properly classify as many of your assets as possible as “separate property” in order to protect them from division.  Additionally, we will ensure that all real estate, businesses, investment accounts and professional practices are accurately valued according to Georgia law as it relates to divorce proceedings. 

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

In the event that you entered into a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement either before or during your marriage, The Zdrilich Law Group is equipped to handle the associated legal challenges.  Whether you’re seeking to enforce or challenge such an agreement, we have the necessary experience to protect your legal and financial interests.

Hiring an Attorney

Divorce is stressful and complicated regardless of your net worth.  However, owning a business can add an additional complexity to a divorce case and requires a level of expertise to ensure adequate protection of your legal and financial interests.  We have the expertise and the resources necessary to preserve your financial status.  Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.