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Georgia Family Adoptions

The adoption of a child into your family is one of life’s most memorable moments.  However, the paperwork and legal process leading up your adoption hearing can be tedious, time-consuming and confusing.  For this reason, it’s especially important to hire a qualified family law attorney who is intimately familiar with the numerous intricacies of Georgia’s adoption law.  Depending upon whether yours is a domestic or foreign adoption, you may also need an attorney who is knowledgeable about foreign adoption law, which is referred to as the Hague Convention.  We have the experience necessary to facilitate and even ease the process leading up to your adoption day. 

Adoption and Related Issues

Each adoption can be present unique challenges, and the paperwork that is required to finalize this process can be overwhelmingly complicated.  At The Zdrilich Law Group, we’re experienced in adoption issues that range from domestic adoptions and stepparent adoptions to the more complex issues related to surrogacy disputes.  Sometimes with a stepparent adoption, the termination of the biological parent’s rights can lead to a dispute.  If that happens in your case, we’ll be prepared to satisfy the complicated legal burden of proof for the termination of parental rights so your adoption can be finalized. 

Preparation for Adoption Day

When your adoption day arrives, we’ll have your casework in order so that all the judge will have to do is conduct a short hearing and sign your adoption order.  Typically, an adoption hearing is conducted in either the judge’s chambers or a closed courtroom because adoption cases are confidential.  If everything in your file is in order and there are no outstanding issues that require resolution, the judge will likely sign your order after the conclusion of your hearing. 

Hiring an Attorney

Adopting a child into your family is an exciting and emotional experience.  The legal process leading up to adoption day can sometimes be stressful as you wait for the various legal documents to be finalized.  With The Zdrilich Law Group, you can rest easy knowing that your adoption is in capable and qualified hands.  Contact our office today for a consultation. or fill out our online form now for an analysis of your case.