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Georgia Divorce Visitation

When parents of minor children get divorced, one parent is typically awarded primary physical custody and the other parent is awarded reasonable visitation with the children.  If the parents are unable to agree to a visitation schedule, the court will establish the schedule according to the best interests of the children.  Georgia law favors a visitation schedule that allows the children to maintain regular contact with both parents to protect the parent-child relationship.  The visitation schedule will be contained in the Parenting Plan, which sets forth the terms of custody and visitation as required by Georgia law.

Regular Visitation

In order to maintain a healthy relationship with the children, the non-custodial parent is typically awarded regular visitation.  Usually, the non-custodial parent will have visitation one night per week with the children for approximately a three-hour block of time in the evening.  Additionally, the non-custodial parent will also have weekend visitation with the children every other weekend.  Typically, weekend visitation begins after school on Friday and concludes on Sunday afternoon or evening.  One or both parents will be responsible for transporting the children for the visitation.  It is important to remember that visitation is a privilege, and as such a parties’ failure to enjoy this privilege is not contemptuous behavior, but it may be a basis for a modification of both child support and child custody.

Holiday and Summer Visitation

If the parents are unable to reach an agreement for visitation, the court will assign visitation for holidays and during the summer.  Holidays typically include all of the legal holidays such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day as well as the pertinent religious holidays.  Typically, holiday visitation alternates annually so that both parents have the opportunity to share special days with their children.  During the summer, the court will usually award extended visitation time to the non-custodial parent to allow the non-custodial parent additional time with the children. 

Hiring an Attorney

Visitation is an important component of a divorce proceeding.  Children need significant time with both of their parents, and typically both parents want as much time with their children as possible in order to maintain an active presence in their lives.  We can help protect your rights as they pertain to visitation with your children.  Contact The Zdrilich Law Group today for a consultation or fill out our online form now for an analysis of your case.