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Georgia Divorce Parenting Plans

If you have children, you will be required to complete a detailed form called a Permanent Parenting Plan before you divorce can be finalized.  The Parenting Plan is a detailed form that Georgia law requires all divorcing parents to complete.  As its name suggests, the Parenting Plan contains a variety of information concerning the custody and care of your children. 

Custody and Care of Your Children

The Parenting Plan contains detailed information related to the custody and care of your children.  Within the Parenting Plan is a designation of legal and physical custody of the children.  The monthly visitation schedule is also included as is the visitation schedule for major holidays and vacation periods.  Additionally, the Parenting Plan allows the parents (or the court if the parents are unable to agree) to establish guidelines for transportation arrangements for visitation and provide parameters for contact with the children during visitation.  The Parenting Plan also requires the parents to agree that the parent who has actual physical custody of the children will make all day-to-day decisions as well as any necessary emergency decisions concerning the children. 

Making Decisions and Handling Disagreements Concerning Your Children

Typically, decision-making (as known as legal custody) is shared by both parents.  The Parenting Plan divides decision-making into four categories:  educational decisions, non-emergency healthcare, religious upbringing and extracurricular activities.  The parents (or the court if the parents are unable to agree) must establish whether one parent or both parents jointly have decision-making authority for each of these four categories.  If the parents decide to share decision-making authority, then they must establish a procedure to resolve disputes as they arise.  Additionally, the Parenting Plan requires the parents to pledge to work together to resolve disputes related to custody and visitation of their children and to make a good faith effort to resolve disagreements between themselves as they arise.

Hiring an Attorney

The Parenting Plan is a binding legal document that contains critical information and decisions related to the custody and care of your children.  Careful consideration should be given to each provision of the Parenting Plan.  An experienced family law attorney should be consulted to ensure that your parenting rights as well as the best interests of your children are protected.  Contact The Zdrilich Law Group today for a consultation or fill out our online form now for an analysis of your case.