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Georgia Divorce Mediation

Georgia Divorce Mediation and Arbitration

When it comes to divorce, it’s always better for the spouses to reach an agreement rather than have a judge—who is unknown to the parties and unfamiliar with the intricacies of their lives—to make the decision.  When the spouses are unable to reach an agreement, the trend in divorce cases is for the parties to mediate the issues related to their divorce.  Mediation is much less costly than a divorce trial, and the mediator assists the parties and their attorneys in reaching an agreement.  The parties are required to make a good faith effort to resolve their disputes, but the mediation process itself is not binding.


Mediation is a voluntary process that only requires the parties to put forth a good faith effort to resolve their disputes.  The process itself is not binding.  That is to say, if the parties don’t reach an agreement, they are free to pursue litigation.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation has some advantages.  Mediation is less costly than a trial before a judge or jury, and the process is more amicable.  Even in the most difficult divorce cases, both parties can often agree they know better what is in the best interests of their family than a judge or jury. The parties and their attorneys have input in the process and work with the mediator to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both sides.  Additionally, you only stand to gain by participating in mediation.  That’s because if you don’t reach an agreement, you can still have your day in court or continue to work with your attorney to reach an agreement with your spouse.  In many jurisdictions throughout Georgia, participation in mediation is mandatory before a divorce case can be scheduled for a trial. 

Hiring an Attorney

Mediation can save you time, money and the hard feeling that often accompany a trial by a judge or a jury.  We can assist with the mediation process.  Contact The Zdrilich Law Group today for a consultation.