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Georgia Divorce Child Custody

Child custody can be a gut-wrenching and hotly contested issue in a divorce case.  Most parents naturally want what is best for their children, but the bond that a parent shares with a child significantly raises the stakes of a divorce proceeding when children are involved.  Tensions run high, and the battle over custody can be both emotionally and financially draining.  For this reason, it’s important to retain an experienced family law attorney to protect your parental rights and the best interests of your children.  The Zdrilich Law Group has the experience and commitment necessary to protect your rights as they relate to child custody without unnecessarily driving up your legal costs. 

Legal Custody

Georgia law recognizes two general categories of custody—legal custody and physical custody.  Legal custody encompasses the right to make decisions regarding the children.  Georgia law recognizes four categories of decision-making authority-- educational decisions, non-emergency healthcare, religious upbringing and extracurricular activities.  Typically, joint legal custody is awarded, which means the parents share the decision-making ability with one parent being designated as the tie breaker for each category. 

Physical Custody

Physical custody refers to the physical location of the child.  That is to say, the parent with primary physical custody of the children is the parent with whom the children reside except when the children are visiting with the non-custodial parent.  There are various types of arrangements for physical custody.  Joint physical custody means that the children spend nearly equal time with both parents.  Sole physical custody is perhaps the most common arrangement—one parent is designated as the custodial parent with the non-custodial parent being awarded reasonable visitation with the children.  Finally, split custody sometimes occurs with divorced parents who have more than one child.  The children are split between the parents and visitation is awarded to allow the children to spend time with both parents as well as each other.

Hiring an Attorney

Child custody is a legally and emotionally complex matter.  An experienced family law attorney can ease the stress associated with child custody while also protecting your parenting rights and the best interests of your children.  Contact The Zdrilich Law Group today for a consultation or fill out our online form now for an analysis of your case.