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Small-business owners often put their personal financial health on the line for their business. When problems arise with the business, they could pose tremendous risks that touch every corner of the owner’s financial life.

At The Zdrilich Law Group, LLC, we work with small-business owners, providing debt relief counseling and options to them. In order to know what options would be best, we have to really understand the nature of our clients' businesses. So, we work one-on-one with them to get a good sense of every aspect of what they do. We then advise clients on the best ways to protect their assets and get the debt relief they need.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Small Businesses

The process for a Chapter 7 small business bankruptcy is different than the most common, personal bankruptcy. Generally, it involves liquidating the business operations and assets. From the liquidation proceeds, debts are paid off.  We know how important it is to protect our clients' personal assets during the course of a small business bankruptcy. Duluth, Georgia, bankruptcy attorney Claire Lim provides well-rounded experience and knowledge to help clients through this difficult process.

Because we do a lot of commercial real estate work for business owners and developers, we understand their industry and their challenges. Our creditor collections practice gives us the benefit of seeing debt relief from both sides and the credibility to work successfully with all parties. We are able to be effective because we have built relationships with both business owners and creditors.

How Can We Help You?

If you are a small business owner and are considering your debt relief options, we can help. We will review all your loan documents to determine what is involved and assess your potential exposure. We will work on your behalf to negotiate workout agreements with your creditors. Often, we have been able to get lower rent amounts with commercial landlords, obtain lower loan percentage rates, create payment plans and make other arrangements.

We are dedicated to strong advocacy for our clients. We will work with your landlord, creditors and others to find solutions that can help you get your head above water.

Bankruptcy and Divorce Issues

Our practice is highly useful for clients anticipating divorce or those who are already in the process. Our attorneys frequently collaborate on family law and bankruptcy matters to give individuals and couples comprehensive legal advice as they deal with the many issues involved in divorce. We work to give our clients a complete picture of the financial impact of divorce and assist them with the closing loan process, cross-collateralization and debt restructuring.

Gwinnett County Small Business Bankruptcy Attorney

For skilled small business bankruptcy advice from lawyers who care, turn to The Zdrilich Law Group. To schedule an initial consultation, call our office or contact us online.